The front door of the New Bayswater Tavern

New Basywater Tavern

The New Bayswater tavern is the second oldest drinking estabishment and live music venue in New Bayswater. This historic institution first openend it's doors on November 5th 2021.

What's on

All throughout November, we have live music and other assorted performances from a variety of international acts! Unfortunately we lost our calendar, but we do still have a complete and acurate list of all the acts booked for November:

  1. Akioka
  2. Bad Whippp
  3. Cooper Cooper
  4. DJ Hame
  5. DJ Sepsaay
  6. DJ Willy Slade
  7. Dear Sealed Section
  8. Gia Como
  9. Grace Sanders
  10. Haircare
  11. Heathcote Blue
  12. HeebeeGBCbees
  13. Jacob Diamond
  14. Jxnior Moyo
  15. Kavi Gupta
  16. Lia T
  17. Luka Buchanan
  18. Montana
  19. Mothswatter
  20. Myriad Sun
  21. New Nausea
  22. Nika Mo
  23. Nina BC
  24. Nora Zion
  25. Pip Who
  26. Rare Faction
  27. Rok Riley
  28. Russell Holmes
  29. Seacrest Gardens
  30. Stella Donnelly
  31. Taonga Sendama
  32. The Commonwealth of New Bayswater National Choir
  33. Toby Diamond
  34. XO GS

Opening Hours

We are open 2-10pm, Thursday through Sunday


No. 4, New Bayswater